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Using Living Benefits: Your First, Best Financial Asset

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What is your American Dream? Is it to get married, have kids, own your own home, own your own business, and to secure financial stability? What if you're just starting out and that dream gets crushed by an unexpected health issue? What if you've attained your dream only to have it taken away by an unexpected illness? How long would your health insurance have to last? Do you have savings? Would you lose everything and have to move back in with your parents or would you declare bankruptcy and lose all of your assets? According to CNBC: Make It, more than half, 51%, of Americans have less than three months' worth of emergency savings.

Jesse Gifford was about to graduate high school, was sworn into the Army National Guard, and was about to attend college at age 18 when he sustained a paralyzing spinal cord injury. From that accident and the financial hardships that were faced afterwards, he will share with you, how to financially plan for and overcome the financial burdens that often accompany health related events. He will also share with you the way you can receive money after an injury or illness to help cover medical bills, expenses, and secure the lifestyle you're accustom too, all tax free.
This book will detail exactly how you can:
1. Create a simple organized budget with the money you’re currently earning
2. Plan ahead so you have money in the event you lose your job or have a set back
3. Be introduced to a way you can receive a large amount of money in the event you have a major illness or negative health event in your lifetime
4. Leave a significant amount of money to your loved ones after you pass away
5. All tax free!
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Protect Your Lifestyle Book Cover
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